Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Our Golden Jubilee


A message from Canon William Byrne, retired Parish Priest:

Welcome to the web site of St. Thomas of Canterbury parish in Bolton, UK.

During September, 2017, this parish was amalgamated with two neighbouring parishes - St. James in Johnson Fold and St. Joseph in Halliwell. Soon all three parishes will be united in one newly formed parish with a new name.

Until then this web site will remain as it is. Later it will be replaced by a new web site which will be developed to reflect the life and concerns of the new parish.


Most of the content included here was composed as separate items over several years and made available to parishioners mainly through inclusion in the weekly parish bulletin or, occasionally as a one-off handout. Many kind parishioners have said they have found this or that item helpful and have requested that they be made once again accessible to them. To meet this request was the initial purpose of the web site. In making all this material available in this way I hope others may find, here or there, something of interest or value.