Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Remembrance Day, 11.11.2006

Today we stand in silence to remember. We remember the sacrifice of life of so many men and women in defence of our country, our freedom and our way of life. They gave their all for us and we give thanks for them. We pray for them, and for all victims of wars, and we pray for their families and friends, all who survive them. Our annual remembrance is no glorification of war. Rather a sad remembrance of those who have been taken from us in war. We shall always remember them.

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The Christmas Tree

The following description of the decorations of the traditional Christmas Tree was displayed in her place of work by one of our parishioners. It gave rise to many comments and questions, and brought home to many colleagues a new reflection on the meaning of something precious they celebrate every year. 

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Of Partridges and Pear Trees




A Partridge and a Pear Tree

Get a good head of steam into your session of singing Christmas carols, and all the old favourites, most of them remembered without reference to the song sheet, are sung with a mixture of emotions, memories, and vocal styles. Then comes the moment for some light-hearted relief and sheer fun - the Twelve Days of Christmas - when even the most sophisticated of people will join in, portraying the variety of 'gifts' with a variety of silly movements. As it gains in length and speed and repetition and movement, this song usually brings everyone together in a new way.

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