Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

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Together at Mass

Together at Mass

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During the Summer of 2004 major repair works were carried out on the church building. Over the weeks from June to September there was plenty of distraction around us as the roof was repaired, the coping stones of the parapets realigned, the outside walls repointed, the electrics rewired,  parts of the interior replastered, windows given new protection, ramps and toilet facilities for the disabled introduced, and the whole interior newly decorated.

It seemed to be a good moment for us all to reflect on what the building is for. With so much going on around us, we sought to pay attention not only to the bricks and mortar of the church, but also to the work of those who assemble in the church. Hence this series of weekly papers entitled "Together at Mass".

Since they were produced as a weekly series, references to "last" or "next" week's paper have been left in the reproduction here. 

As the series grew, there grew with it a pattern of presentation - not initially planned but shaped mainly by the four-page A5 layout.
page 1 became an introduction to the particular topic
page 2 an examination of the particular section of the Mass
page 3 a continuiation of the same, and
page 4 more of a meditation or reflection on some aspect of the week's topic.

In the linear presentation of the same material the separation of pages has been represented by extra spacing.

It might just be that here or there will be a thought, some piece of information, or maybe a source of further reflection, that will be helpful to others, and with that possibility these notes are shared with you.