Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Cycle A

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Matthew 5:13-16.



"You are the salt of the earth"


In recent years we have become accustomed to warnings against consuming too much salt, even to the degree that we may begin to think negatively of salt. Yet what would life be like without it? Too much salt may be unhealthy, but lack of salt would be disastrous. Not only is salt a life essential, it is also a universal preservative. Foods which would otherwise perish are kept sound by having been salted. It keeps good things in good condition. And then, probably because it is so essential, salt enhances our food, makes it taste good, gives it zest, brings out its full flavour. Without a touch of salt many a dish would remain flat, tasteless, uninteresting, simply ready to be thrown out.


Jesus came amongst us. He brought to us a message of life and love. By his words and deeds, by his mode of life and his relationships, he brought new life, gave people a new vision, raised people’s horizons. He recognised and confirmed whatever good he saw in people - their faith, hope, sincerity, repentance, gratitude. He gave people a new taste for living, inviting his listeners to go beyond mere flat, uninteresting existence to be ready to embrace life lived to the full. He helped people to see their lives in new light and with new savour.


United with Christ, all members of the Church share his mission to the world. Calling us to continue his work, Jesus uses the image of salt to describe our task – to be bearers of life and love; to be preserving agents, keeping good things good in a world where so much is wrong; to promote a real taste for enriched living through the influence of our own quietly lived love, generosity, honour, and kindness; to keep alive in the world values of truth and justice. In the words and deeds, the relationships and tasks of our own everyday life, we are to bring the light of Christ's teaching and the taste of his love into the world.