Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Cycle A

Seventh Sunday of Easter



Acts 1: 12-14

"They joined in continuous prayer”

This was a telling time for the followers of Christ, a kind of lull between two excitements. First the excitement of Easter itself - of the tomb empty, of claims of Jesus having been seen alive, of recognising that 'The Lord is risen' - an exciting time as they had slowly come to grips with the reality of the resurrection. Now, things have changed. The Lord has ascended, and they won't see him again in the way they have got used to. But Jesus had promised to send them his Spirit. So now they waited for the coming of the promised Spirit.


It offered a time of quiet calm when the apostles with Mary and some of the other women joined in prayer. It was a also time to ponder over the experiences of the past three years. They had seen Jesus heal the sick and raise the dead; they had heard him preach of love and forgiveness; they had seen him suffer and die on the Cross; they had buried him, and then discovered him alive! They had spoken to him, eaten with him, touched him. Now they are given this quiet time to assimilate it all, fit it together, make sense of it.

We all need to withdraw at times. Our lives can be so full. Experiences of all sorts crowd in on us. Like the disciples, we need to withdraw into our own hearts occasionally, to assimilate our experiences, to draw them together, to see their meaning and make space in our own lives for the coming of the Spirit.