Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Cycle A

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

pearl of price.jpg 


Matthew 13: 44-52

"The kingdom of heaven is like…"

Just two weeks to go! August 8th will see the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. For the first time ever people from all over the world will be assembling in China to watch, and to enjoy, but most importantly to compete in the Games – thousands of athletes, sportsmen and women representing a wide range of activities, all in search of a moment of glory. Behind them will be hours and days and weeks and even years of dedicated training, keeping fit, building strength, improving technique, striving for one purpose - to win that coveted medal. There will have been many sacrifices – of time, cost, freedom, diet! It has all been counted worth while, in the chance to compete at Olympic level.

Most of these competitors are amateurs in the purest sense of the word - they do all this for their love of the sport, for the sheer joy of competing, for the possible thrill of winning. They still have to work at other things, job, family, personal relationships etc., but running through all of these there remains that single-minded commitment. It is with them all the time. It is part of all they do. It is part of who and what they are. It colours all their living.

So it is with the kingdom proclaimed by Jesus - the reign of God in our lives. The treasure-beyond-all-price that Jesus reveals to us is the power of God’s love within us. By his teaching and by the example of his own living Jesus has shown us how to live that love - in truth and justice, in peace and reconciliation, in love and service of others. His ‘Way’, like the “treasure” and the “pearl” (or the Olympic Gold!) makes radical demands on those who would follow him. It invites a commitment which touches the whole of our lives and colours all our living.