Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Bolton

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey

Cycle B

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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John 1:35-42

"Come and see"

The question was direct: "where do you live?" The answer was simple: "Come and see". This encounter happened at "about the tenth hour", that is about four in the afternoon. It is striking that, many years later, John should remember that simple beginning and that tiny detail about the time of day. He never forgot that first meeting with Jesus. Many people experience similar vivid recall of a life-changing moment, storing details of an encounter, which at first may have appeared to be of no special significance, but which later was seen have been pivotal. So for John, the memory of that moment persisted, clear, detailed, indelible.

"Where do you live?" "Come and see". Both question and answer are personal, concrete, actual. Jesus invited them to spend time with him and they accepted. They found him a source of fascination. There was something magnetic about him. His actions, attitudes, outlooks and insights had an impact on them that was new, opened to them possibilities they had never dreamt of, aroused in them a desire to stay around. Fascination led to discipleship – they became followers of Jesus, and with discipleship came intimate friendship.

The invitation lives on. The encounter with Jesus is not limited to these first disciples. They told their experience so that we, in turn, may share their fascination with Jesus, hear his invitation to "come and see", and along with them become his followers and his friends. Our deepest desires will be fulfilled not by simply knowing about Jesus, but by knowing Jesus. There is a mighty difference. We may know a lot about a person without ever getting to know the real person. If we would know Jesus we need to hear his invitation and be ready to spend time in his presence – it’s what we call time for prayer!